Bosworth Ventures Inc. | Services
Real estate development company specializing in residential sales, marketing and consulting.
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Development | Asset Management | Investment | Property Management

White others focus on one field, we’ve formed Bosworth on the principles of tying all of our expertise and success under one brand. Bosworth. We have years upon years of experience in the fields of Development, Asset Management, Investor Opportunities and Property Management. Our brand will continue to grow in each of these fields respectively.

Committed to helping more communities develop under the Bosworth name.


Joint Ventures | Limited Partnership Guidance

Over the years of fine tuning the process and our knowledge of the Real Estate Industry we have begun consulting with other Developers who wish to structure projects and developments. We have been involved in every aspect of transactions from simple purchase and sales, joint ventures, limited partnerships, mortgages, private equity and also development & construction. We are also extremely well versed in dealing with municipalities and consultants to push projects in their infancy stages to final approvals.


If you would like to have Bosworth consult on your project – we have extremely reasonable pricing and would take a look at any type of deal where we can benefit the development team.

To provide as much information and be absolutely transparent with everyone we do business.


Completed Sales

We have a vast array of extremely skilled professionals in the Real Estate Industry that we deal with, this has allowed us to be successful in the sales and marketing of select projects in which others have had difficulty. We specialize in overcoming challenges that developers face when the projects marketing has lost its impact and are able to garner interest from the team that we have in place. Over the past 2 years – Bosworth has been successful in the following sales of units at the projects listed below.