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Real estate development company specializing in residential sales, marketing and consulting.
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Bosworth Ventures Inc. is a Canadian company specializing in development, real estate investment and land assembly in the western provinces of Canada. Bosworth’s passion for real estate stems from longstanding core values while being innovative to produce high quality, attractive opportunities for our clients. We offer our clients opportunities to participate in various phases of development projects ranging from initial development financing to completed cashflowing investment properties. Our experience is built on conducting full-scale feasibility studies, land assembly, asset/property management, multi-lot service/sale programs and Mortgage Investment Corporations and carrying out successful development projects in Vancouver and its surrounding cities. Bosworth’s range and mix of investments allows for our clients, both new and sophisticated, to take part in the Canadian real estate market which produces better returns than those in equity markets.


Bosworth Ventures takes pride in building sustainable housing with elegant yet modern designs. Our goal is to build long lasting, profitable relationships with our investors while building sustainable communities they can take pride in. Bosworth’s projects range in the $5 – 30 million dollar range, a range suitable for individual investors not able to take part in large institutional investments.

Prior to its inception, the Bosworth team has gained tremendous knowledge and experience in the real estate industry in British Columbia and Alberta. Bosworth and its board members have been involved in local developments, raising capital for a very successful Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC), and many other facets of multifamily development and management. The experience Bosworth has gained through being successful in all avenues of real estate is the main reason Bosworth’s projects are not only successful, but role models for future developments in that area.




Ravi has been in the real estate industry since 2001 in which his family has been heavily involved in commercial projects in the Metro Vancouver region. He has since taken part in the Alberta and BC markets, serving as Director of Sales for an Alberta based development firm in which he played a key role in raising capital of a $50 Million Mortgage Investment Corporation, a hotel development in Edmonton , and other multi-home/condominium developments throughout Alberta and BC. A true motivator, Ravi has had tremendous success in directing sales teams in a variety of real estate programs. All of the experience has gained has allowed him to successfully create and manage a personal real estate portfolio spanning Alberta and British Columbia. His experience and responsibilities have included evaluating, negotiating and closing proposed real estate transactions under consideration for investment. Ravi attended the British Columbia Institute of Technology majoring in Professional Real Estate.


Our business model is unique. Our experience from the equity and debt markets allowed us to create investments that after years of perfecting our investors can feel comfortable in and also achieve an acceptable return for all of our projects. From our experience in private equity to our experience in development of a project from its initial stage to re-zoning and final build out we have a team that is experienced in every level of analysis and ultimately covered all aspects of a successful development team.


We have seen growth year over year in all aspects of our company since we opened our doors, our investor base has grown, our projects have been built out and profitable, and


also each project has become larger in size as we have taken our experienced team to new heights. We are going to continue to perfect our business model to ensure that the fundamental goal is to always put our investors first and in a position to be profitable before we are as a Developer. Our core strength has been on moving into Real Estate markets before other developers and ensuring that our entry point of price has increased substantially before breaking ground on a project. We are in tune with the market and also neighbourhood trends which allows us to make educated decisions before others.

The fundamental goal is to always put our investors first and in a position to be profitable.